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School trips


  The farm it turns into an open-air classroom, a place for active pedagogy where knowledge passes through doing.

Here children and teenagers can have an active experience of country life, they are involved in manual workshops and trekking to discover nature, agricultural products and the wonders of the area.

   Educating children to care and respect for the environment is important to ensure that they become industrious adults and aware of the nature that surrounds them.

   Showing the little ones the origin and the work behind the products they usually consume is essential to ensure that the little ones grow up one day becoming aware consumers.

   Giving children the opportunity to live authentic experiences of direct contact with nature will ensure that a child's constructive personal relationship with the natural environment is created.

For this reason, within our farm we offer different educational farm experiences, suitable for children of kindergartens and elementary schools, which involve them in all areas that we consider important.

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