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Summer Center in Nature


 Azienda Agricola De Leyva is committed to making the summer of many children a special memory to collect in the memory by organizing the "Nonno Albero" summer center in nature, a summer project in which children can experience the reality of a farm .

The De Leyva farm becomes an open farm, a place for meeting, aggregation, training and information in nature and where children can experience a natural condition for them: being outdoors.

Nature is a place of growth: through the exploration of the environment, spontaneous play, the use of the senses, movement and direct contact with the elements of nature, children learn to question and question themselves about the reality that surrounds them and perceive them. themselves in relation to the world and to others.

The activities that are proposed have as their objective the development of the child's personality through psychomotor and creative activities to be carried out side by side with other children and in contact with nature.


Price and information regulation


  • We will host a maximum of 40 children (for 4 operators) starting from 4 years up to 10.

  •   Hours: starting at 8.00 am until 1.00 pm (without lunch) or until 2.30 pm (with lunch).

  • Each day will have a very varied and fun program to offer to children, full of workshops, educational, emotional and leisure moments.

  • The cost per week is 80 euros for stays up to 1.00 pm and 85 euros for stays up to 2.30 pm (plus the cost of meals that will be prepared by authorized external structures). The price includes all the proposed activities and a snack with fruit or bread and farm products (oil, honey, jam).

  • For registrations of more than 3 consecutive weeks and for siblings registered in the same weeks, a discount of € 5 per week is reserved.

  • We will carry out, as per the provisions currently in force, the temperature control, children with altered temperatures will not be allowed.

  • The accompanying persons of the children must be the parents, in the event that other people come to pick them up, it is necessary to declare their name and surname in the registration form.

  • The welcome will take place at the grove, the parents will have to accompany the children on the spot.

  • The activities will take place within the entire company, mainly inside the children's grove, a limited space entirely dedicated to them, where numerous activities and workshops will be carried out.

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What we have planned

There will be numerous moments of exploration,  games and various workshops in which children can express their potential without a competitive spirit, following and respecting their times and methods.

Children will participate in traditional farm activities, such as fruit picking and garden care.

  The activities proposed throughout the summer will be many, here is a brief overview:

Bee Friend : Children will learn about the world of bees, discovering that honey is not the most important thing our beloved friends do!

Hands on the ground: Children will prepare, build and maintain a real vegetable garden, learning to take care of the plants and discovering the slow but satisfying cycle of nature.

Hands-on: during this workshop, children will learn how to create delicacies with their hands, learning how what we eat is made.

In nature we trust: children will come into contact with the English language through fun quizzes and exploration activities within the company.

The world in the lens : children will learn about the "microworld" that can be seen through a magnifying glass, also consolidating the concept of large and small.

I see, feel, alive! : Children will do some activities aimed at sensory development among which they will find a real sensory path to follow blindfolded and barefoot!

Dear plant, what's your name? : Children will learn to recognize plants, their names, their history and their characteristics! There will be workshops where a herbarium will be built and you will learn to "draw nature".

Let's discover nature: Children will be accompanied by the discovery of the naturalistic beauties of the area by learning to observe nature, know it and respect it.

Naturally sporty: Children will be involved in physical activities in the open air, using natural materials.


This is our idea of a summer agri-center, where children can experience sociability in the most authentic way possible,  trying unique experiences to always carry in the heart!           

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