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A new reference on the territory

25 hectares of land inside the San Bartolo Park, on which they live and grow ...

Business center

A business center consisting of 300 meters of completely underground cellar, a laboratory for transforming our products, a sales point and company tastings, a "canopy" over the city for events and tastings

The vineyards

more than 10 varieties and clonal selections in about 9 hectares of vineyards.

So many varieties, so many clones, so many ideas and possibilities that come together  to create few, but excellent labels.

Perfection does not exist,  but there is still someone running to reach it ...

The olive groves

Quality starts on the pitch

Inside the farm there are several plants, the last of which is planted to make single-variety oils.

The orchard

Our extensive orchard

More than 600 fruit trees, of different varieties and ripening, to allow visitors to enjoy their products at different times of the season.
Pollination is favored by our bees, more than 20 hives are positioned right next to our plants.

Vegetable garden and artichoke

Artichokes and vegetables for almost two hectares

IMG_1615 (FILEminimizer) (1).JPG

4 WWII bunkers

While tilling the land we discovered, much to our surprise, the presence of a WWII bunker (the first of a series of four) which was used as an ammunition depot - the bunker is easily accessible and free to visit.

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