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The origins of the family  De Leyva

It is said that it all began with him, Antonius, the progenitor of the De Leyva family;

was born in Spain in the 15th century and founded the Leva dynasty in Italy.
Leaving many centuries and generations, we arrive at our family, the Leva of today who wish to honor the Leva of yesterday.


Our history, our path, our choices

In 2013 we realized our dream: to create a farm

immersed in the quiet of the San Bartolo Natural Park, but adjacent to the city.


2014: we started the works for the planting of our orchard and olive grove thanks to the participation in the rural development plan launched by the Marche Region.


2015: the artichoke farm is made from which we obtained a first significant harvest: 12,000 artichokes!

The remaining portion of the vegetable garden (about 8000 square meters) was used for temporary crops.  

From the beginning we have chosen  to enhance the quality of the products respecting their seasonal availability at the expense of quantity.


2016: we dedicated ourselves to our vineyard (1.3 hectares of Pinot Noir) which has been expanded to reach around 2.5 hectares today.


2017: the projects for the construction of the company center begin ...  the first bottle of Antonius oil is made.


2018: the production of our processed products such as artichokes and aubergines in oil, sauces, jams and wildflower honey started, produced thanks to the bees of our 20 hives that also help us to pollinate our fruit plants.



2019: year of the first harvest


2020: our first bottle of wine is produced, Silvo: a Pinot Noir vinified in red

DSC_0366 copia_edited_edited.jpg

10th National Competition of Mediterranean EVO oils:  

our oil is awarded by placing itself in third place.

10th National Competition of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oils: our olive oil has been awarded with the third place.

DSC_0389 copia_edited.jpg

05 September 2021 - The company is inaugurated!

Leyva: Chi siamo
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