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Artichoke cream

Ingredients: fresh artichokes (88%), extra virgin olive oil (8.8%), lemon juice (1.5%), citric acid (0.14%), salt. We recommend trying it with bruschetta, croutons and as a condiment for first and second courses.

Crema di carciofi

Artichokes in oil

Ingredients: fresh artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, pink pepper (0.01%), salt, wine vinegar. Perfect for the whole year, to be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a side dish.

Carciofi sott olio

Wildflower honey

Ingredient: wildflower honey. Precious source of energy, excellent as an accompaniment to cheeses and as a natural sweetener.

Miele di millefiori
Sciroppo di sambuco

Elderberry syrup

Ingredients: water, brown sugar, fresh lemons, elderflower (5%), citric acid. A sweet and thirst-quenching drink, to be diluted in fresh water or hot water to your liking.

The jams

Perfect for a healthy breakfast or to accompany aged cheeses.

Confettura di albicocche

Apricot extra jam

Ingredients: apricots, sugar, lemon juice.

Jam Figs

Ingredients: figs, sugar, lemon juice.

Confettura di susine

Plum jam

Ingredients: plums, sugar, lemon juice.

Apricot, peach and ginger jam

Ingredients: apricots, peaches, sugar, lemon juice, ginger.

Confettura di fichi
confettura di albicocche pesche e zenzer
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